About Us

Ideas360 was founded on the belief that a vibrant sales environment is critical to an organization's success and long-term growth capabilities

Vibrant sales environments are easily identifiable:


  • The company’s targets are being hit,
  • Low or no turnover on the sales team,
  • Synergy between leadership and team members.

You want your sales channel to operate at peak performance.  If key components are missing or misaligned, the entire sales channel may under-perform, resulting in high turnover, increased costs and ultimately impacting the bottom line.


Ideas works with company’s of all sizes to create a vibrant sales environment, using the Ideas360 SMART approach

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Alignment
  • Renumeration
  • Technology

Ideas360 works with the CEO and leadership team to quickly uncover problem areas and provide solutions to move the company and it’s sales team forward.  In addition, using a holistic approach, Ideas360 evaluates the alignment of sales and marketing initiatives to improve the sales funnel, engage the target audience and ultimately provide a better customer (and employee) experience.

Let Ideas360 inspire new ideas for your sales and marketing initiatives!


ABOUT THE FOUNDER:  Suzanne Ratti worked her way, from the ground up, in sales and marketing.  She began her career as a retail salesperson working for a small “ma/pa” company, years later becoming the Mid-Atlantic Salesperson of the Year for the Major Accounts division of Xerox COS and also served as the Regional Director for SmartCEO, an east coast community of CEOs.  Through these experiences, she has led teams and even entire communities of people towards goals.  She has an extensive professional network and a strong business acumen and has been noted for her ability to create synergies in very positive ways.

Suzanne is a member of the CEO Club of Baltimore. She enjoys boating and resides with her husband in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Suzanne Ratti, CEO


“For over 25 years, I served as a sales and marketing professional for entrepreneurial, small-medium sized businesses, and the Fortune 100 powerhouse Xerox! Through these experiences, I garnered extensive formal and hands-on training in sales and marketing. As a successful sales professional, I saw many common pitfalls that impacted the sales team’s ability and desire to carry out the mission. As I began to dig into these pitfalls, I realized that most CEOs are often too far in the forest to see the trees. By the time they realize there is a problem, the profitability of the company is at risk and they need solutions!

So, in 2014, I launched Ideas360 as an easy collaborative way to help CEOs, and their sales leadership teams uncover and address critical problem areas in sales and marketing. Sometimes the solutions are simple, sometimes more complex. Either way, resolving an underlying problem in a sales organization can have a major impact on the bottom line.”